ILFAPA offers children (biological, foster, adoptive or guardianship) of its MEMBERS ONLY the opportunity to apply for an annual scholarship. Child must be at least in his/her senior year in high school. Child must be between the ages of 17 and 23. Child must be accepted (prior to award being granted) into an accredited higher education or vocational/trade school. 
​ILFAPA Member must be a member in good standing for at least one year. Application packet must be completed in its entirety. An application packet consists of the following documentation: All items must be submitted together and received at the address below on or before April 15, of the year. If items are missing, the application will be disqualified.
Completed Scholarship Application Form: Official copy of transcript: The transcript must be in an official sealed envelope. The transcript must show a full-time enrollment and a GPA of at least 2.5/4.0. If the applicant has a current IEP at the time of high school graduation, a waiver to this requirement may be obtained by submitting a letter addressed to the Scholarship Committee from the school’s Special Education Program.
​Copy of letter of acceptance or current registration: If currently enrolled in a college/university program, submit a current registration showing full-time (greater than 12 credit hours) enrollment. Vocational/trade school applicants should provide a copy of the current registration. If applicant is still in high school, provide a copy of the letter of acceptance to the program, unless application is still pending.
Letters of recommendation: Two ORIGINAL letters of recommendation addressed to the ILFAPA Scholarship Committee must be submitted with the application. These letters may be from anyone with personal knowledge of the student’s dedication to furthering his/her education (a parent, social worker, principal, teacher, counselor, employer, clergy member, etc.) Documentation of cost of educational program: Applicant must provide documentation as to the cost of the educational program. This may be a brochure from the school, a letter from the school or anything else that sufficiently documents the costs associated with the program. It may be a copy. Copy of ILFAPA Membership Card: A copy of the ILFAPA Membership Card of the parent must be included. If a new card is needed, contact Rick Hobbs, Membership Director at (847) 949-8009.
​Written Statement: The application must include a statement (typewritten) by the applicant between 300-500 words answering the questions “Why I want to continue my education and why I should be considered for an ILFAPA Scholarship.” 
​ILFAPA is not responsible for lost/undelivered application: We recommend using a type of mail where delivery requires a signature of receipt. Applicants will be notified by June 15, of the year about status of application. For more information contact: Rick Hobbs, Scholarship Director at (847) 949-8009

​ILFAPA Scholarship Mailing Address:
Illinois Foster/Adoptive Parent Association 
​PO Box 729 Mundelein, IL 60060
Scholarship Information